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The Company's strategy revolves around the development of oil fields for the extraction of crude oil in commercial quantities. The strategic processes involve the prospecting of oil, its extraction, building of hundreds of miles of transportation pipelines, secure storage, and finally the loading of crude on oil tankers around the world.

The Company operates under specific international agreements and the directives of the OPEC.

We believe that oil and gas will remain integral to Libya's energy needs for economic development for many decades to come.

On the occasion of the EID Al-FITR (1436H - 2015AD)

The oil exporting port of Ras Lanuf, which started its operation in 1964, is located at the gulf of Sirt on the North Africa coast, at a distance of 650KM from Tripoli .........

Harouge Oil Operation, is joint operating company on behalf of National Oil Operation Libya and Suncor Oil (North Africa) GmbH, Announces an invitation to participate in tender No (07/2015)

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